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  • Released Version : 2.20.2
  • Stable Release Versions (Season 8 Episode 2, Season 6 Episode 3 and Season 2)
  • Webzen Base Retail Like Mechanics
  • Bugless Server Files
  • Webzen Events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple, Kanturu Event)
  • Castle Siege Event
  • Ingame Premium CashShop
  • Unique Custom Events (Kundun Minion, Jewel Gamble, PVP Last Man Standing, Scramble Words, Bring Me, Dungeon Race etc..)
  • Season 7 Features (Pentagrams, Elemental System, Arca War)
  • Season 8 Features (New Pentagrams, Debenter, Jewel of Pandora, New Accessory, Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest)
  • Security (MuGuard Integration, Live Anti-Dupe System, Server Side Anti-Speedhack)
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